DISCLAIMER: Read this before you check the testimonials! 👇

I have attached few screenshots of the testimonials received from my 1:1 coachees. 

Most of the messages contain the responses to the 3 questions that I asked my clients.

They were made aware that their responses will be used as testimonials on my website.

These were the questions:

1) What were you hoping to resolve or change in your life before approaching Manpreet?
2) What change/s did you notice in yourself after your session/s with Manpreet?
3) How was your coaching experience and how did you find Manpreet’s approach?

If you are considering getting coached by me then this can give you a fair idea of what results or impact self-love coaching can have in your life. (provided that you are committed to taking action! 💪)

One of my core values as a coach is complete transparency & honesty with my clients as well as with my audience.

All the messages that you will see are before I positioned myself as a self-love coach.

Hence, you will find the terms life coach’, ‘therapist’, or simply as acoach’ among the messages.

That is because I had not niched down to exclusively be a self-love coach.

It is only later, that I saw the common theme of self-love revolving around most of my client’s issues + this is the body of work that resonated with me.

Hence, I am mentioning this here beforehand, to avoid any possible confusion.

Also, I have a psychology master’s degree and I qualify as a professional therapist due to my certifications and experience around NLP, hypnotherapy, Inner Child work, EFT Trainer.

So that’s the reason WHY some of my clients have referred to me as a therapist in their messages.

In case you are interested in knowing more about my journey and how I came about becoming a self-love coach, then you can check out my about page by clicking here.

The names in the testimonials have been hidden because of the previous confidentiality & privacy policy with my clients.

All the new client’s testimonials would not be confidential, solely to establish further trust & transparency among my audience & potential prospects. (starting from 30th September 2021).

If you have your suspicions regarding the messages being legit 🤔 (which is completely natural, as if I were you, I may have mine too) then I could only ask you to book a FREE 30-minutes self-love assessment coaching call with me to see if we can work as a great team together to achieve your self-love goals!

Click here to visit the appointment booking page.

Regardless, you can always consume my free content that is published on my socials & blogs to see if what I have to offer resonates with you.

And as far as value is concerned, I am pretty sure that anyone who is looking to improve their lives through self-love will find it valuable. 💃

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