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Helping working moms clear their internal blockages so they can experience radical self-love and move from self-slavery to liberation & abundance.

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Helping working moms clear their internal blockages so they can experience radical self-love & create a life of abundance.




One Vision – to impact 10,000 women by 2025 through my work & content on self-love.

A series of breakthroughs and paradigm shifting events in my life began to change my thinking.

All this opened me to accepting my authentic self and creating my dream life. I have been able to take massive action steps, which would otherwise not be possible. 

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The Early Years

Born in Mumbai, and the second of three siblings, I lived a cocooned life in a joint family. I was one of eight cousins growing up together. Our family meant the world to us. 

The Transitory School Years

I was part of the top 1% in my class academically and very social.

However, when I moved to a Convent School in Class 5, my grades dropped. I had fewer friends. I felt lost. My teachers compared me to my elder sister who was in the same school. Self-doubt crept in.

In class 8, the school planned a grand 3-hour theatrical production of Androcles and the Lion for the inauguration of a newly constructed school auditorium.

It was mandatory for all students to participate and we rehearsed for 6 months. My sister played the protagonist – Androcles.

She was talented, skilled, and confident. I, on the other hand, failed all the auditions – singing, dancing, acting leaving me heartbroken at so many different levels…

College Years

In college, I got an opportunity to participate in a play.

The fighter in me jumped at the opportunity, giving it my utmost. However, on the day of the final performance, I froze on stage.

My mind blanked out. All I can remember of it is the stage fright I was left with since. 

I promised myself I would never step on stage again. Ever.

But life said never say Never.

Shifting City

Born in a traditionally patriarchal society, the women of our family got married between the age of 20-22 years.

So, I got married at the age of 24 years and as part of a traditional arranged marriage setup, I moved to Delhi. 

From the day I stepped into my ‘new house’, I was asked to change the way I looked, walked, talked, and dressed. I was stripped off my identity.

Eager to please, I said yes to everything, not realizing that I slowly gave up on being me. At 25, I gave birth to my son.

A young mother and with little confidence, I knew it’s going to be a rough ride.

I realized during my pregnancy that I will need to do something soon to feed him and my family.

With a graduation degree, I knew it was going to be difficult to survive in a new city, but I was lucky enough to find a job at 26.

In two months into my new job, I realized that this job is not going to take me where I want to go. So, I will need to do something about it soon.

Focus Inward

I focused on building more skills, alongside my job. I read, completed a Trainer Certification to become a Behavioural Trainer.

It took seven years for me to complete an otherwise two-year master’s degree in Psychology.

Soon, I was training mid-managers and senior leadership on Leadership Skills.

I became a regular lecturer for the Border Security Force, conducting lectures on Emotional Intelligence and Stress Management for Officers and other ranks.

Currently, as Visiting Faculty at a B School, I teach Psychology along with different subjects like Personal Journey for Excellence, Strategic Risk, Innovation, Leadership, and Ethics, etc.

As of today, I have trained over 10,000 employees across the globe in soft skills.

Amongst the many workshops I conducted, several were exclusively for women. 

No great misery goes unspoken

Between 2007-13, on the personal front, both my parents attempted suicide multiple times.

It made me wonder what internal factors led people to take such drastic steps.

I needed answers and so a new search began.

I learned deep transformative inner work through various modalities.

I am a Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner, a Hypnotherapist, a Psychologist, an Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner, and a Life Coach.

I arrived at a method of simultaneously working on the conscious, subconscious, and unconscious mind. Holistically working on the physiological, emotional, psychological, and cognitive levels.

I now have gradually transitioned towards a self-love coach & conduct 1:1 paid coaching sessions as this is the field of work that resonates with me + the underlying theme of all my client issues narrowed down to self-love.

My experience helped me combine a pragmatics-based approach with intuition.

I am now able to alter my style to suit my Coachees needs.

I work with them and through them. ‘Connectedness’ and ‘Empathy’ became my top themes. 

Becoming a self-love coach is a new journey that I have embarked on and looking forward to help as many people as I can through my work on self-love.

Slow and Steady

For 19 years of my married life, I kept seeking constant love and approval from my in-laws.

I lived in a house where I was unwanted. It took 3 months of married life for me to realize this and almost two decades to do something about it. Finally, in 2017 I moved out to rented accommodation.

I moved from a room with no sunlight and ventilation to a space where the sun blesses, rain showers, the wind caresses, skies bless, and birds talk to me.

Both metaphorically and literally. I am in great company.

I am in the company of myself.

The Homecoming – the Butterfly

From being a shy girl to the confident woman I am today

From powerlessness to taking back my power from all those I had handed it to

From self-doubt, to trust in my decisions

From moving away from others’ opinions of me to finding the person I am –  ‘This is me. Take it or leave it’

From constantly aiming to please everyone around me, to making peace with the fact that there will always be people who won’t like me

From living for others to placing my needs first

From function with constant fear to living each day as if there is no tomorrow

Changing myself so I now love every inch of me – I love who I am today.

And look forward to how I transform with each passing moment.

What Next?

One Vision – to work with 10,000 women by 2025. 

I want to help them fall in love with and accept themselves, so they can live a fuller and wholesome life.

I want them to realize their true potential and worth and become the best version of themselves.

How Can I Help?

A series of breakthroughs and paradigm shifts began to change my thinking and hence, my life.

All this opened me to accepting my authentic self and creating my dream life. I have been able to take massive action steps, which would otherwise not be possible. 

I’m all out to share these secrets with you.

You too can create shifts that will allow you to become your best version and to be open to loving yourself.

So if you are ready, book an appointment by clicking here, or you can get started with my FREE guide on “The 7-Step Approach To Radical Self-Love” by clicking here. 

Also, follow me on Instagram for quality content on how one can create an abundant & enriching life through self-love!


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